About Us

Our society is overwhelmed today by various challenges and solutions are far-fetched in many realms. One of the most affected group in society are women. Today’s woman is working in a very challenging environment; the society in which we live today has no special soft landing for anyone, especially for the womenfolk.

The hue and cry about gender equality and women liberation does not bestow on the woman an automatic place in the success equation of life. She has to get into the ring of life and slug it out with...

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Our Vision

To build a platform for women everywhere to thrive and become the best that they can be by harnessing and developing their innate potentials for the benefit of their immediate families and by extension their communities and society.

Our Mission

Using all available resources, mediums and opportunities to get women everywhere to understand their God-given roles; helping them to develop the capacity within them by networking and working with other women in building virile and purpose-driven lives in all spheres of life.

Motto- In Mata Every Woman Matters

What people Say!

Testimonies based on the impact of the MATA initiative in our society